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Contribution d'origine par : Cindy ,


Hello everybody!

I have a PROBLEM....

1) I wanted to use this toshiba on my macbook. But could not get it up and running (as is I could not copy files from my macbook to toshiba external hard disk.)

2)Then I found this wonderful solution and I followed every single step (on the first above steps - posted by 'Bel Naddar'). It worked of course..and I can copy my files from Macbook to Toshiba external Drive.

3)Then when  I did that, I found out that it deletes all the files on my external hard drive......And now I am very very sad. Because there were two maps on that Toshiba external hard disk with photo's and videos of my children.

4)That is why I need to ask you this question. Is there in any way possible for me to retrieve those previous two maps (with all photo's and videos) back? I have tried 'Wondershare Data Recovery' already, but I am getting nothing back.

5) Please, can someone help me on this?

Thank you so much in advance.