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Contribution d'origine par : Torrance Williams ,


There are three possible problems that are associated with an unresponsive touchscreen. They are listed from easiest to hardest to complete.

Dirty Screen:

* If your device has a screen protector, remove it
* Spray a bit of water or formulated spray onto a microfiber cloth.
* Wipe thoroughly.
* Using another dry microfiber cloth, immediately dry the surface.
* Replace the screen protector with a new one if desired.

Resetting the Device Without Using the Screen:

* With the GPS unit off, press the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Turn the unit on while maintaining pressure in the bottom right corner. When you see a prompt asking, "Do you really want to erase all user data?", you can release your finger and select yes.
* If the bottom right of the screen is unresponsive then please refer to the broken screen guide.

Broken Screen:

* If your device screen is still unresponsive after following the following guides above please refer to this guide for replacing a broken screen