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Contribution d'origine par : Frank ,


Touch ID fails to setup after disassembling iPhones with iOS 10.0.2


Hello, I was disassembling several iPhones (my included and an iPhone of a friend) both are iPhones 6 with 128GB. I replaced twice the display of the iPhone 6 of my friend, and everytime it worked properly. Same was done with my iPhone. Then today I had to open both iPhones. And after assembling them again, the Apple TouchID sensor (which are original and not swapped) were not functioning anymore. Both iPhones tell me "Failed Unable to Complete Touch ID Setup", I already did all the tricks. Reset, Hard-Reset, iTunes downgrade to iOS 9.3.5 (from both 10.0.2).

After all things didnt work and the Touch ID fails, I have a bad thought, that Apple did something in iOS 10.0.2 which prevents the Touch ID to work after the iPhone was disassembled. Something like in the past with the Error53… I hope someone can prove me wrong and help me out with the issue by providing a trick how to reset the Touch ID and complete the Touch ID Setup.


iPhone 6