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itunes restore when battery drains under 0%


Hello their !

Oke so got this weird problem so gone tell how it happend exactly.

So costumer came over with an iphone 5G and he tried to change to battery on hes own. after he did that the phone was stuck on apple logo.

no problem i thought to i restore to phone by using REIBOOT and the phone start working again perfectly but now with testing the phone i noticed that when the battery drains out of energy and you charge the phone it wont charge but gives automatically a iTunes logo with the text:

so now my question is what's the problem with this phone? any suggestions?

i think it's pry-damage related because of something that the costumer did wrong.

'''Thanks for reading this i hope someone can help me finding a solution'''

i'm a shame if i got to tell the client : i fixed your phone but you may never let the battery drain under 1%.


iPhone 5