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Contribution d'origine par : Scott Havard ,


Hey Leo!

Do you per chance know the model number of your iMac? Do you know if it has the i5 processor or the i3 processor?  In any case, it likely will not matter.

The fact that things are starting to boot up but your screen is completely black makes me thing you may have a display cable that is still disconnected. This can easily happen, and is luckily an easy fix!

You will just need to pop off the display again (this isn't that easy, but you've already done it once before!), and check the connections of the display cables. Here is a guide that will help you know exactly which cables to look at: [guide|6284]

Look at steps 5,6, and 7

Let us know if this fixes it! If not we can continue to troubleshoot!

Best of luck.