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You definitely need a trap.  The trap prevents sewer gas from entering the house.  The vent provides a vacuum breaker that prevents water from being siphoned out of the trap when you use the shower.  The only exception to this is if your shower is on a greywater system of some sort, and not connected to a sewer or septic system.  From the pictures it looks like the vent is the nearest pipe, and the brass pipe is the drain pipe from the tub, both main and overflow.  Can you dig into the material in the bottom of the square hole and gain enough room for a trap?  Maybe borrow a small jackhammer if it's concrete or other hard material?  It looks like there would be enough room if you did that.  The cast iron trap is larger than the new one you would use (probably ABS).  Or you can fashion one out of flexible rubber 90 degree bends, in a pinch.  Not the best way, though, as that would create rough spots for hair to get caught in.