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Cannot connect to App Store, Cannot Update!


This is driving me insane!

My iPhone 5c seems to be trolling me. For example it believes that it's 7:00am  and November 26th.  The GPS also just won't connect. It will not allow me to update to the next version. No matter what I do, from hard resets, to wiping the phone and starting over on it. Nothing works.

I cannot even access the AppStore. It says unable to connect. However, when using my other iPhone 5c I can connect to the AppStore. The time works perfectly. Everything is great. So I know there is no issue with Apple App Store. It's just my phone. I should've know better to buy this (extremely cheap) thing from the local shop on the corner.

'''TLDR: Anyone knows what chips I need to replace to make my iPhone 5c work? I'm guessing this is a motherboard problem and since I have a decent amount of knowledge in soldering I'm pretty sure I can fix it, if I know what chips to replace. If this is not a motherboard problem could it be something more simple like a SIM card issue?'''


iPhone 5c