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Contribution d'origine par : Lizzie Christie ,


Because I've yet to see a REAL D@*%N answer on this! I'm guessing your issue is that you keep getting thrown back an Authentication failure when attempting to log into your wifi settings when you know for a fact you can log into open wifi networks and that the information to log on is absolutely correct. Well hate to break it too you but your security type on your wifi may be to advanced for your proscan.  If you are using a security mode that is supported by WPA then you'll run into this issue. You'll have to have something that will provide a WEP security in order to connect.  Downside is that WEP is not as secure as it use to be so you may need a router that cast 2 wifi signals. One specifically as WPA and one specifically to WEP.  I spent HOURS trying to figure this out. If this saves someone even 30 minutes, I'd be glad.