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Contribution d'origine par : Andy Orth ,


That antenna is actually the service antenna but for these purposes it matters not. The broken antenna is not the cause of your no charge condition. I would suggest disconnecting and reseating the charge port connector to the motherboard. If that doesn't work, remove the vibrate motor and speaker from on top of the charge port flex cable and examine the flex cable for tears. I suspect the port is just not properly connected to the board.

Unfortunately, that's not your big problem. Your real issue is that the tape you applied to the touch ICs is not going to fix that issue for long. I'm honestly shocked it worked at all but I can gaurantee your touch function's days are numbered. Think weeks not months. My advice is send it up to iPad rehab in New York. You can google them. Don't trust this repair to the guy down the street who spends his whole day replacing screens. You'll end up with a paperweight for an iPhone.