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Contribution d'origine par : Minho ,


So you confirm that the screens do not work on this customer phone but work perfectly on a different phone? That is odd. I would double check the connector again under high magnification. Look at the soldered pins and the seating area inside.

The LCD image is driven directly by the CPU so it's not like there is an image IC to replace. You could also look at the LCM CONNECTOR page of the schematics. You will note that all of the lines are filtered by either a choke or a ferrite bead. Maybe one of them is not working properly and causing issues on the display.

Using a multimeter, they should measure zero or very low (<1 Ohm) resistance. Their role is to filter out high frequency noise and they can get very resistive at high frequency. But for normal DC voltage (0 or 1), they act like a wire.

It doesn't appear to be a backlight issue but double check that too. Take a look and get back to me with more details.