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Contribution d'origine par : Charlie Clemett ,


Potato Farmer had a go


Hi Peoples

I have had this Note 5 brought into my shop, from another shop (Its True)   anyway

They have tried to fix it but gone a little too far

On the main board at the Power Switch pins you have

1.  R7218

2.  C7169

3.  C7170

4.  R7041

5.  C7166

(info: zxwtools)

2 x Resistors & 3 x caps




Can anyone I.D the Values of these please. I have had a look around the net but can't find them.

Looks like someone has been Potato farming on this board

R7218 is connected to the other side of the board through that "hole" but hoping I will get past this by jumping it to L7000, located just under the shield, Same side. But wondering what else has been chopped up. Anyway the rest will be easy enough ( fingers x'ed




Samsung Galaxy Note5