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Contribution d'origine par : Luis Xavier ,


Frank: Two things.... NO there is no Problem with touch IDs and IOs softwares.... and yes  there is a flex damage..

try this... both phones, remove both lcd. (disconnect battery) u have two lcd and will work only in one phone (the other one put to the side with out screen) time to troubleshoot. in the one phone you decided to work on. plug in the others phone lcd.

(plug in everything... lcd, dig,  long home flex, proximity

4. plug in battery, and turn it on...  (see if it worked)(your done)

5. if did not worked on the same screen that is connected (swap only home button and do step 4.)

6. if it dint work still,  on that lcd long home button flex is damaged.. now use the second lcd.

7.second lcd has no home button bc u removed it, connect any of the two home button and do step 3 and 4.

8. if didn't work,  with that same second lcd do step 5.

9.. do same thing with the other phone u put aside on step 2.


expert explanation:

test out both home botton flex (long one) and both home botton with each phone.

if doesn't work both long home button flex are damaged. (wort case home button is damage)

add: go to setting --- touch id---see if gives u error.