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Lens replacement fail - help!



My other half inadvertently chipped the lens on my GoPro Hero4 Silver, so I needed to replace with another lens. I then followed your instructions on how to change it, as the easy way of doing it (essentially, yanking the lens out with pliers) looked rather barbaric.

So I thought, let me do it the proper way and take everything apart. This appeared to be going well until I I turned the camera back on and had a weird tinge/fuzziness on the lens. No worries I thought, I must not have reassembled it properly. So I did this and in truth things got bad to worse.

To cut a long story short, the unit will turn on, but only the front LCD will work, as will the power button. The record button and the settings button on the side won't work either, so it's not like I can even put the unit on Wi-Fi and use the app to see what I'm filming.

So I'm now looking at the strong possibility that the whole unit itself will need to replaced, which is not what I want as I believe this unit can still be fixed/salvaged.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.



GoPro Hero4 Silver