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Are there any news regarding a official fix for this problem? I have a Macbook Air 13 Mid 2011 and unfortunately I have the same problem with the "qwertyuio" buttons row.  It seems a problem with the software (maybe a bug?), because when rebooting the mac usually the row never works ... To run the keys, I have to press repeatedly (and randomly) all the keys from "q" to "o" many times. Once they take the input, the keys work correctly until the mac spend some time in standby...

Do you have any solutions or tips? I've already checked, opened, cleaned the mac and internal parts (battery is ok, not a single crumb or spill) and tried all the fixes that I could find on the internet. But unfortunately the problem continues to be there! I would not want to change all the keyboard then find out that the problem is always there :(

Thank You and regards!