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Hi, I'm writing some sort of update... Maybe I found my problem!

Yesterday I opened the Mac, removed the battery and cleaned the logic board with some ethanol... Until I realized that it was not the logic board causing the issue with those keys but the one-way-pin starting from the keyboard, goes from the trackpad and connects everything to the motherboard.

I cleaned these three connectors (attached picture) :

And now, It works!

My considerations? Perhaps, the old battery was inflated a bit and pressed abnormally on the trackpad, where the two connectors (keyboard + trackpad) reside. When I changed it a year ago, I probably didn't notice this difference!

So the fix is: If you have a keyboard problem and you have a macbook out of warranty, I advise you to clean everything sparingly (pins, connectors etc.) before replacing any hardware part! ;)

I hope I've been helpful. Regards