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Contribution d'origine par : Eric Beasley ,


So I got the f dU error after a load of wash had finished on my Kenmore Elite HE 4.  Tried the unplugging operation with wait, no relief.  Door also wouldn't open.

Found this post segment after a search.

Unplugged the washer, turned off the water, then opened the bottom panel.   Found the service documentation and after snaking my arm up the right side of the washer to find the manual pull handle to unlock the door, opened it to find my damp, but clean wash.  Moved the wash to the dryer and opened the top of the unit, then checked the seating of all of the wire harness connectors on the CCU, those were OK.  Looked down the right side to the door lock mechanism and noticed that one wire harness (the thin black wire connector above the pink wire connector harness), looked loose.  Pushed that in, checked the others, then plugged the unit back in, and turned on the water.

Ran a spin drain cycle and the unit locked, operating normally.

My take:

1.)  On error f dl or f dU, disconnect power

2.)  Open the top panel and first check that all connections and harnesses are connected on the door lock mechanism down the right side of the washer

3.)  Next check all other harnesses for proper seating and connection

4.)  If all looks, feels OK, plug back in

5.)  If the door lock works, it was connectors

6.)  Otherwise, look into troubleshooting further operations using the service manual.

I wouldn't buy an new door lock unless it was clear that the door lock unit was a real problem (e.g. repeat offender).  If wire harness connectors are broken, then that's another thing to replace, since the vibration and movement of the washer can loosen those connectors.

My Kenmore Elite HE 4 Washer and Dryer were bought in 2004 and I'm still running them now in 2017 after this.

This post really saved me some grief with a service call or worse, pre-emptive replacement of the washer.

Thanks to all who posted and contributed.