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Contribution d'origine par : jmbutler_1 ,


I discovered today, with a SP3, that it seems to be overloading the power supply.  When overloaded, the power supply shuts itself off.  Then if I turn the SP off, I can unplug and plug the power supply back in to 110v and the light will come back on and it will be charging.  But if I then try to turn the SP back on before it is fully charged, it overloads the charger and it shuts itself off again.  Soooo IIIFFF the SP is fully charged to begin with, and IF you do not have stuff plugged into the USB port, MAYBE there will be enough power in the power supply to keep your SP running and for the power supply to stay on.  But once you start pulling too much power from the power supply, it will shut itself off again.  I can repeat this and get the same result every time, so I am pretty sure that is what is going on...

Now to solve the issue, ...  uh ... is there a solution?  Does someone make an adequate power supply that will keep the SP and whatever is attached to it going without the Power Supply shutting itself off?  What is the power limit of the stock SP charger?  Must be pretty low...