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Why won't it turn on?


I've read every blog as well as watched the very, very few videos with regards to this problem and yet the outcome is still the same....upset individual.

when you hold down the help key you can check the battery level indicated by the VU/battery meter located on the right side of your OP-1.the battery level is indicated by the LED array on the right side of your OP-1.all LEDs lit (including the red) indicates a fully charged battery good for around 16 hours of heavy use. The stand-by time is approximately 2 recalibrate the battery meter please do the following: disconnect USB, turn your unit on and leave it on until it turns off by itself. do not manually turn off the unit. this could take up to 18 hours. the unit is off when the screen has turned black.after this, charge it fully using a computer or any standard USB charger. this can take about 2.5 - 6 hours depending on your situation. (the battery is 1800mA). this should recalibrate the battery indicator.

2nd type of instruction

Make sure the OP-1 is turned off.

Disconnect the USB cable and wait a few seconds. Important!

Connect OP-1 to a computer or charger using USB and leave it turned off for a few hours.

After this disconnect USB again and leave it turned off for about three seconds.

Finally reconnect the unit again. Does it charge now?

Try this a few times, and report back.

Nope, not even the above instructions worked.  Never has it ever left the studio nor handled by anyone other than me.   Please HELP ME Please.




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