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Message d'origine par : Gregory Cox ,


After conducting all recommended cleaning procedures i still had a very slow drip rate, I found a small piece of plastic in the bottom K-Cup needle punch shaft, ( it was plasic from a K-Cup).  It was very difficult to see, I had to remove the K- Cup holder and using a flash light to enhance visability of the punch shaft hole and needle area. I seen a small white piece of plastic in the shaft. I took a  sewing needle and carfully removed the piece of plastic K-Cup from the punch shaft. I have had coffee grounds in the upper punch shaft that interfered with proper flow. This was the first time the bottom punch was the guilty party.  After removing the debris from the shaft, my 3 year old Keurig 2.0 ran like i just pulled it out of the box.  Reading Keurig issues on this site has helped me resolve my problem.  I wanted to pass this experience on, in the event it may help others. Coffee grounds and calcium build up are not the only flow obstructions you may come across.