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It is ok if you return the screw to the same position . This can be done in one of two ways . First and my favoured way is to turn the screw in till it bottoms out or stops and count the turns as you turn it in . be sure to count the turns as you go in and don't tighten it . Just go in til its snug. I count by quarter turns going in. Then when you remove the screw and its time to return it to its proper position, turn it all the way in till it bottoms out then turn it back the proper number or turns that you counted off to begin with. The second way mot as accurate is simply to count the number of turns as you turn the screw out . Then run it back in the same number of turns when replacing it  . You may also want to pay attention to your idle speed before hand with the car at a hot idle . if you have a tachometer on the car this is easy if not you can get a hand held unit and set the idle back to where it ran well in the first place . Hope this helps