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Contribution d'origine par : Vinicius Lupas ,


Assuming your laptop has a hard drive, that may be your problem. Hard drives are vulnerable to drops and such because they are basically spinning magnetic discs. If you drop them, there's the risk of breaking or damaging the discs. When your son threw your computer on the ground, he may have damaged the hard drive.

Probably the best way to test that would be to remove the bottom panel and remove the hard drive from the laptop, and if you have a hard drive enclosure with a usb connector (or however you call it) or [|one of these], insert the drive into it and plug it in to another computer. But you probably don't have neither the resources, nor the knowledge, to do that. But if you do, this may be of some help:


But probably the best thing to do is to maybe specify what is wrong with it and add more details about it, and then it will be easier to troubleshoot and find the problem.

Or find a professional. I recommend [|Microcenter] if you are close to one of their locations.