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Contribution d'origine par : Alton Bell ,


I thought at first you meant a beep code, reading the question again I believe the white screen is the video card not on, I would say you have a dead or shorted bad battery or your hard drive is gone. The beep is from the bios going past checks and on to start the operating system on the hard drive which is dead, or you have just enough power to start but drops off when trying to use more current.

So, question. Is it plugged in to your power supply? Remove the battery and try again. a shorted battery can steal the power. Next try a start again and listen to hear the fan going plus the hard drive.. Now if you actually hear more than one beep or a continuous beep or more than one beep then post your answer so we can move on to help. If you get only one beep , no cooling fan or other noises I think your hard drive is gone, or wiped.

Post your findings so we all can work our brains more on this.

I have had this but no white screen, this is confusing...