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Contribution d'origine par : Tyler ,



Sorry, I don't have a solution but some info may help.

Unfortunately, I don't believe it's the battery. Every pro 4 that I've come across (over 20 units with this issue)  that has had a battery "go bad" by swelling or physical damage was not repaired by a brand new aftermarket (or oem used) battery. I have tried 3 different suppliers (although the packaging is almost identical to one another) and none have repaired any pro 4's with the swollen or physically damaged battery. The pro 4 will usually say "plugged in, charging" or "charged" with an accurate battery percentage. I can adjust my brightness settings but not the power settings.

I had one pro 4 that the battery just went bad internally, swapped it with an aftermarket battery and all was good. (I tried an oem battery just to see if there was a difference but there wasn't - oem worked as well.) In this case, the bad battery would quickly switch from  "0% charging" to "100% charged" with the bad battery.

I've done everything on the internet from drivers to rewriting the bios and nothing seems to help which makes me believe it is damaging or shorting something on the motherboard when the battery damage happens.

If anyone with any insight on this could help, I'm sure all of us would be very grateful.

Thank you,