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Contribution d'origine par : Eric Evans ,


I'm an electrical engineer... The problem, more than likely is the c-type connector head (the end piece that plugs into your android phone). The trace pins are precision soldered with a wave machine to the specific pin contained in a wired harness. If you happen to drop the phone in any way on any surface at any distance, it's quite possible to damage that precise harness inside the connector head causing the power dissipation of the battery due to the current now being unconditioned. This is a safety feature so as to not explode the phone's battery when those trace elements are damaged. (it's like the surge protector in the cable is broken) I'd recommend getting a brand new undamaged cable and reboot the phone before charging, this in all likelihood will fix your issue but I'd definitely stop using that cable.  You'll eventually burn out the elements in the adaptor (the pronged piece you plug into the wall outlet)  too causing it to be bad and then you'll end up damaging any new cable you plug into it.  GO WITH A HEAVY GUAGE BRAIDED CABLE WITH HEAVY DUTY GROMMET CONNECTOR ENDS ON BOTH THE USB AND THE C-TYPE  HEADS.  (you can get fairly good ones on Amazon)

SIDE NOTE: charging cables were designed to be used when the phone battery is fully discharged and would require the phone to be in a stationary horizontal position with zero cable bend even when using it with a laptop as a data transfer cable as well.  (this means learn to stop talking or operating the device while charging for best results... the cables will last much longer that way)