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Contribution d'origine par : Alyosha Karamazov ,


I had this problem today.  Visual inspection with a flashlight but no magnification didn't show much except that the socket hole was not as deep as it should be.  I took the flexible plastic toothpick out of a Swiss army knife and gently scraped the bottom of the socket with the tip.  Then I tapped the phone on a piece of white paper and saw some debris (dirt) come out of the hole.  I continued this and after I made a good start, a lot of debris came out.  Finally, I pulled out a large piece of pocket lint.

I suspect that if a little dirt gets in the hole, pushing the plug into the socket compacts the dirt into a flat layer, and if enough dirt gets in there, the plug will no longer connect.

The solution is to clean the socket out gently with a flexible plastic tool, such as the toothpick in a Swiss army knife, so that you do not damage the pins.  To prevent the problem the phone should be kept in a clean pocket, or in my case, where my pockets just aren't clean, I will keep the socket covered with a bit of gaffer's tape when not in use.