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Contribution d'origine par : Buddhika Mahesh ,


Not Charging : Dead


Hi Team,

Sony Xperia M2 - Dead Unit.

'''Device status & measurements :'''

The fault is Phone is not charging, USB Power ( 5V, 10-20 mA) Battery Charging voltage 1.1 - 4.1V, current fluctuating.

Note : This is liquid damaged device

'''Observations & tests '''

* TH voltage is 1.2V it seems OK

* There is no BAT EN signal 0.6V

*  Phone can be power on when given the BAT+ - to with external power supply

* When plug the battery connector 0V at battery terminals. that's mean Battery Disable itself 
* When unplug the battery and can be get measurement 3.7V
* Checked with new battery, same result observed. - Battery is OK

If any idea please comment. Thank you for your time. in simple i need to enable BAT EN signal or need a way to bypass. or Please help to find schematic diagram for D2303


Sony Xperia M2