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Contribution d'origine par : Leo ,


Do not update your BLU Life One X2! (11-28-17)


Now it seems that Blu has forced my phone to reset. I called customer service yesterday insisting they keep their customers updated on their site and social media. I spoke with a number of people, working my way up the ladder. I told them that a factory reset was unacceptable and they needed to find a fix soon. I suggested that they were not looking for a fix but waiting until everyone reset their phone. I was waiting for a fix when, on 11/30/17 at approx 6:50PM EST, it appeared the device was receiving an update (my wife's unaffected phone, she didn't install the update, also received a forced update). It started again but was reset. Was it my phone call. I lost very important data that was vital in a lawsuit. Has anyone experienced a forced reset of their Life one x2? And still no response from BLU! If a lawyer is reading this, and wants to make some money, I'm looking to sue! Please respond.


BLU Life 8