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Contribution d'origine par : Angel Espere ,


The most important thing is that one, you don't use expired film and two, you don't expose the film to light no matter what. Even if you open it in the dark, any hint of light will kill the film. Even if you are curious as to if the film is positioned correctly or if there is any film left, ignore that urge because you will 100% ruin your chance of your film developing.

Also, when the film pops out after the photo (make sure you don't open the back whatsoever!) turn  it over so that the image that's developing isn't exposed. I'm not sure if this makes a difference or not, but I take no chances so long as the photo comes out!

The environment might also factor in, take that into consideration. If it's very cold or very hot where you are, your film might take longer to develop since it's so sensitive. The camera should be at a pretty average temperature so that it's at its prime.

I hope this helped!