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Message d'origine par : Gary Rokuta ,


I'm sorry, I have the same problem and feel like calling Samsung as all my phones are. Samsung Notes Tab e a piece of sh..... t... AT&T only had it a year, maybe. I don't have time to call AT&T tech support. Even in my car, Toyota Avalon 2007, 53,000 miles, I am starting to think maybe chargers don't last. Top it off, only use quick chargers. It is 2018, no such thing as obsolete regular, take forever to charge, chargers but cheap a.... as   ASURION sent me a refurbished note 5 with the obsolete car charger. How dare them. I am going to do a review on ASURION about their cheap a..... sass... ways. When I have the %#*@ time. ASURION  have sent me new phones or a new phone before as I distinctly remember it. Note 3. Same with AT&T, all refurbished and don't trust refurbished and too long story but my 1st Note 5, 64 gb.... on upgrade around 2.5 YRS ago, had fell out of my car and 20 minutes later, I realized I was missing the phone, dropped e 3 miles back towards Kalaheo, high school, why next to the  school, because I always use the otterbox, it survived a car running it over, not directly but caught maybe 20% of it. Otterbox was gone. Phone intact, s pen missing, with few scratches around the frame. BUT WORKED A LOT BETTER THAN ALL THE REFURBISHED ONES I HAD and have. Did another warranty claim, as I still didn't do the transfer from phone to phone. Current Note 5 always freezes and says  HROME ISN'T RESPONDING, close app, wait, or report... BS as a big delay like NOW. But I needed to know why this fu.... ckin' tab e...... Look, only 49% piece of $@$* (sorry for slang),  ridiculous. Said Long story, but I did it..... All about from charging to refurbished VS new.... Thanks GANG