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Contribution d'origine par : Scott Evans ,


My console won't turn on (PS4 Pro) (2018)


I've had this issue too many times. This is my 5th PS4 Pro in 6-7 months, my current one still works but if my current PS4 is going to start doing this again, I'm no doubt going too GAME to either get my PS4 fixed or replaced. I haven't long bought the white PRO, maybe 2 months now I've had it. Does anyone know why this keeps happening? At this point I'm getting sick of this, I'm buying Pro's left and right, I'm getting a PC soon but my friends are on PS4 and I like the games on there. My first Pro was bought a little over a year ago, from that point I've gone through 5 more. If anyone has any advice or fixes, I would much appreciate It! But, I have a feeling I'm still going to end up going to get it fixed or replaced. I hope to not end up buying a 6th PS4 Pro.


PlayStation 4 Pro