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Contribution d'origine par : Aliaksandr Dvoineu ,


It is not  a graphic issue. What's a strange solution? It is definitely not a graphic card. Of course, it is possible to fix it but it is very hard.

1. In all cases that I had only the left side of the screen was not working.

2. When I dissembled it I noticed that it faulty lcd panel (factory defect). I can explain what I mean. It appeared that all pins of the plug-in on the left side of the backlight lamp are not in the right position. For example, pin 1 on the place of pin 2, pin on the place of pin 3 and so one.

3. That's why, in order to repair it you should dissemble all screen and solder backlight plug-in anew. And it is very hard. I have spent 3 hours to repair it. And you also should be very careful not to damage lcd screen and other parts of the screen.

Next time I can make tutorial how to fix it if someone still need it.