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Contribution d'origine par : Shaquille Moss ,


You have a number of things to consider if sony isn't just sending you a bunch of bad, used or refurbished consoles. Insects getting inside, Moisture, dust, faulty motherboard, bad PSU or even a broken solder joint on the APU. (Occurs from extensive hours of gameplay with improper ventilation) My best advice to you is to do the following. Purchase both a cooling stand and a dust cover. This would solve the issue of your Ps4 Pro overheating and/or dust getting inside.  I myself am also taking the liberty to purchase a protective sticker to protect my ps4 from physcal damage like scratches and dents. Though, For sure, I'm going to sell my current one for a replacement since I'm currently having a problem with the disk drive and no way in !&&* am i going to spend $123.00 dollars on a brand new one.

Disclaimer: Do not use the dust cover while the ps4 is powered on or in standby mode. Even though it is in standby mode, It still generates heat. Very little but nonetheless, enough to overheat the ps4 over time.