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Contribution d'origine par : Michaelmartell ,


Thanks for providing this information! After looking at your speed bench results, it seems like if your going to open up the computer, it would make a lot more sense to upgrade the Blade SSD and leave the hard drive in the computer tied together as a fusion drive, so I’m curious, what would be the downside to upgrading the Blade SSD to an Apple OEM 2TB unit. Do you think their might be restrictions to the amount of Blade SSD accessible memory or do you think the computer would recognize the 2TB and fusion drive it with the 2TB Hard drive. I’m thinking that it might be the best option as down the road if I ever wanted to expand the memory to anything more than 4TB (unlikely), I would be able to do so (fairly) easily. The part number and link below:

Is there any information regarding the PCIE 2.0 vs 3.0? I read on some other threads forums that the 2.0 will work but will be slower and some mixed information of the 2 lane vs 4 lane pcie options.