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Contribution d'origine par : Mike Maldonado ,


There is no physical, intelligent, or magical way to separate  the digitizer from the lcd without breaking them. Once they have been broken apart and no longer function properly or are independent of each other, they will never work again. go ahead at that point and take them out to the trash bin. These parts that are factory fused to work in cohesion with each other, are created to perform one way and that one way is fused together. If you come across an add that sells these parts separate, veer very far away because its just some moron trying to take your cash from its nice secure living place which is in the pants pocket or wallet and make you break it away from its security to buy his ever damaged, never to work again, garbage collection of iphone 4 parts. step away...step away...go now...go now to the land of fused digitizers and LCD's where honesty abounds and you can get an honest deal on the set. If it looks too cheap and &^$# sure is!