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Sorry that this won't actually solve your problem, but if you do end up buying another mouse/keyboard set-up, may I suggest SIIG "Wireless Extra-Duo Keyboard and Mouse Combo" (#JK-WR0J12-S1)?

And my suggestion comes with these two reasons,

1. Very economical and built fairly well (Have had mine for over 2 years now) but the coup de grâce is definately:

2. It has a slot to store your usb dongle in when you are on the move, keeping it from sticking out and braking as you drag it in and out of your bag, drawer, what have you. Or worse, twisting your USB internal port to non-compliance with your motherboard!

Just a friendly  suggestion, and here's a picture of where the storage area is. And it really holds it tight, hasn't fallen out on its own on me yet.

Hope this helps someone!