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Contribution d'origine par : Mark Pon ,


Okay I figured it out. Its not real difficult. You take out the 4 screws near the inside edge of the DVD bay,all grouped together,the 3 screws you can see are easy,there is a flat head screw that is real hard to get at (or even see near the bottom corner of the DVD bay. I sacrificed my DVD bay door and ROM but now that the cover is off I can put a new one in and leave the last screw out upon assembly.

Now that you have the screws out,on the bottom of the ribbed plastic about an inch from the Brightness buttons you will see a small notch,I used a medium sized flat screw driver put it in the slot and gave it a 3/4 turn and unhinged it. Move your way around(counter clockwise) the whole circumference of the cover and inch by inch the cover will come right off. Now replace the hard drive,and in my case also the DVD ROM.