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Contribution d'origine par : Caro ,


Ok so... something strange is happening. All of my pictures turned black after some seconds and were not developing at all.

The first film pack i bought...i thought it was damaged. So after wasting 4 films, I threw away that pack and tried another one.

Same thing happend with the second. Took 3 pictures and decided to remove it from the camera.

Bought a tird film pack and wasted around 3 pictures and the same

So, somehow...I decided to try taking a picture to the sky leaving the indoor setting to allow the camera to capture more light and guess what. That developed!

I read somewhere that maybe the camera was not taking enough light or something.... who knows.

so after the one I took to the sky... I tried taking another to a parked car and then that didn't develop. But then...the car was parked in a place that was not getting enough light so....

I stood up in the brightest place i found and then tried taking a selfie with the sun hitting my face directly but, still leaving the setting for indoors (the one with the little house) and THAT DEVELOPED TOO. My face looked really white because all the light but developed. It was not all black so that's something.

I took another selfie but with the sun not hitting my face this time. That didn't develop. (Still with the indoors setting...what is happening!?)

So.... Being all frustrated and angry i just decided to finish the whole film pack. I took another picture to the same parked car that was not getting all the sun light...and this time it developed. Then I took another selfie away from the sunlight and this time it developed. I took the last picture I had to some random place that was not very sunny and it developed too....

I have no idea why it worked after that... but I'm thinking.... once you turn on the you need maybe to give it some time to get warm up or something so it  starts developing pictures?