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Why Airport still has no functionality?


Hello guys :)

At first: sorry for my bad english...i'm german.

I have a big issue with my MacBook 13" Unibody 2,0 Ghz. A few weeks ago i damaged the connector from the iSight, Bluetooth & Airport Cable that goes to the Mainboard. So i bought a new one and everything works exept the Airport. I thought i have damaged my old Airport card through my repair-session so i bought a new airport card from ebay. The seller from the card meant that the card isn't new but has 100% functionality. But after i replaced the new airpord card with the new one i still have no connectivity. OS X said, that "no airport-card is installed". Resetting PRAM and the other solutions doesn't work. Windows 7 via BootCamp still doesn't find a wifi-card too in the device manager.

So what can be the issue? Maybe the new card is damaged too? Or the connector that connects the airport card with the cable that i written? And when the airport card is the issue....can it be only the card or maybe the card + the antennas there next to the card?

One other small question? the cable that i plugged in the card has at one side a small white dot on which direction the dot should looked to? to the user (away from the lcd) or to the lcd panel?

I hope anyone understand what i want to ask ;)



MacBook Unibody Model A1278