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Contribution d'origine par : Lauren33 ,


I had the same exact problems listed above. I started talking to apple support via phone Saturday April 26th and all they could offer was to back up my phone and restart it as new phone and see if it worked. That didn’t solve the problem.  I took it to Apple on Wednesday and explained what was going on, and all he did was again restart it back as a new phone which didn’t solve the problem. Apple rep was not helpful at all. Only suggestion was buy a phone from directly from them for $319. I said no. Took it to an off brand iPhone repair shop and they confirmed that upgrading to new IOS killed my microphone, speaker & board (?) and there were software issues detected. They avised me to get a new phone and also to get insurance going forward. Especially if you get the X as the screen is $550 to replace. Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but off brand repair shop was way nicer and explained more than apple rep. So I took the defunct phone to att, asked for a new phone and traded in my broken phone. I also did NOT mention it was broken.  I just wanted to get rid of it the easiest way I could. Frustrating situation to say the least, but feel better having a phone that works. I feel for everyone who is going thru this problem!