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Contribution d'origine par : Jay ,


FFFFF. I don't have an answer, just another question. I'm not sure if this the problem you all have been talking about, but my iPod, fourth generation, out of warranty(duh), refuses to work. The screen is frozen, but the music will play, it still responds to touch, I can put in/take off music, which means it also appears in itunes. I've restored the stupid thing, reset it manually (and after all that, it will NOT respond to being turned "off"). The screen mainly stays on the Apple Logo (because I've been resetting it), but once in a while, it will change to what the actual ipod is on (like I said, it still responds to touch), but when I try to do anything, it's frozen again (but I can still use the music, provided I can even navigate thing blind). Once in blue moon, it actually WILL work, the screen, I mean, but that usually lasts 5 seconds before it freezes again. The HECK is going on here? And what should I do about it?