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Contribution d'origine par : Dawn B ,


I had this same problem with my BLU Studio XL 2 phone. I solved it by removing my battery, waiting 10-30 seconds, and then putting it back and turning my phone on.

First, remove the back panel/ cover of the phone.

Since my phone had a '''built in battery,''' I needed a '''000 Philips screwdriver''', which I found at Radioshack as part of a kit. The same kit I used can be found on Amazon:

After removing the screws, I used one of the little blue plastic triangles to remove the mid-frame of my phone.

I removed the battery, waited about 30 seconds, then put it back in my phone, along with the midframe, the screws, and back panel.

I pressed the power button, and my phone turned on!!

It worked normally.

'''My suggestion to prevent this happening in the future is to not shut down the phone while charging.