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Contribution d'origine par : steven mclean ,


I have Pink screen / Ghosting Display Issues


I've had my lenovo for about 2 months , no issues apart from the processor throttling when heavy gaming , which is from what i've gathered a problem with cooling due to crappy manufacturing. Anyway I woke up today , played a solid 2 hours of League of legends on my laptop , turned it off , gave it a bit off a wipe with a cloth , very gently around the LCD area as usual , then when I went to turn it back on , it had this pinkish tint in the screen , like a magnet had been near one of those TV's , so i turned it off and turned it back on , because i had fixed it before by doing such , but now it has this Ghosting display showing the desktop whilst its booting and when im using any apps or browser , it also has a pink tint , anyway , seen some people with the same issue , tried their solutions , drivers are up to date , if i plug in an external monitor the external monitor's display is perfect , so i can assume it is my LCD. I don't really want to go through the hasle of a new LCD , and find out that my LCD works perfectly or something , so i just wanted to ask if anyone has some solutions for this and if it has happened to anyone else here ? I did also take off the screen , fiddled around with the Laptop LCD cable but no joy , just the same old pink screen with ghosting.


Lenovo Y50-70