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Message d'origine par : Iris ,


I got a used refurbished Saeco Via Venezia (like the Starbucks Barista & Saeco Aroma) espresso machine. After reading all these helpful posts, I was able to confirm that the pump was working fine (water pumped through the steam wand). I also cleaned out the brew head & descaled the machine, but the brew button still wouldn’t work. When I pushed the brew button, no sound was coming on indicating that the pump wasn’t engaging. I was finally able to figure out that it had faulty wiring from the brew button to the pump. I was able to replace the wires in that section with the wires from my last machine & now my espresso machine works perfectly!

Note: After reading all the posts and watching all the online videos about my espresso machine, it became less intimidating once I realized that the machine is pretty basic - made up of a pump, a boiler, some hoses, wires, & some connectors. I found that it’s not too hard to fix these machines if you’re even a little mechanically inclined.