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Contribution d'origine par : erin forrest fine day ,


I have a j36 and booting in safe mode, I then sign into play store to download apps that won't work in safe mode yet, and enter settings to disable any thing Samsung with storage permission .also I force stop/ disable Knox and retail agent such and such apps,  and make a lock pattern reboot to normal for 1 second and remove battery quicklike so retail demo can't start yet,(@ the lock pattern screen, and reboot again to safe mode enter my lock pattern , then amazing!?! Still signed on to play store & in app folder are icons minus the graphics what I then does my self th courtesy of moving to home screens and Bing bang boom the app works , any app . I don't use SIM but my apps work I stay signed in and no screen saver every minute  better than I've heard of any one else yet cuz the pswrd don't work for me . And personally on a Rogers phone I put in a telus  sim , it asks for a network unlock code, It'll  probably accept chatr