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Contribution d'origine par : tobias_wiehl ,


Phone doesn't charge while powerded on


Hi guys[br]

So a bit of a tricky situation here…[br]

So recently my phone dies pretty quickly. I have it charged to 100%, it runs for a while and at around 40% or so left, it would power off (but this is not the actual problem), or so I guess)[br]


The problem starts here (Phone battery at 0%):[br]

As soon as I connect it to a power source, it charges for a few seconds, then the “SONY” screen appears (is it trying to boot?) and then it goes back to dark… and it is apparently NOT charging further.[br]

So I disconnect and reconnect to the power source, but then again, it charges for a few seconds, “SONY” screen appears, it goes back to dark and stops charging.[br]

Repeat the game.

Another interesting thing that happened:[br]

Sometimes I do manage to turn my phone on (at 1-3% of battery), but when my phone is turned on, it does not charge although connected to the power source.[br]

Only after it’s turned off (by running out of battery or by turning it off manually), it charges for a while, and then as written above.

So.. what’s going on here?[br]

A few things to mention:[br]

1. I have tried connecting to a power outlet and to my laptop (same result, also laptop doesn’t recognize the device)[br]

2. Power cable and outlets are fully functional[br]

3. Phone battery I guess is fully functional, especially since I bought a new one and inserted it today

My next step would be a hard reset, but then again, it will never have charged enough power to do that

Now I essentially carry a brick in my pocket :p[br]

Also, with already 4 years of “service”, it might be that my phone has pretty much hit its life expectancy.

Any guesses?



Sony Xperia Z1 Compact