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Message d'origine par : Chris Green ,


Try booting the console to the recovery menu.  Turn the console off, and hold down the power button until it has beeped 3 times, and then shut off.  Now hold down the power button again, until it beeps twice, then double-beeps.  A message should come up on your screen saying "Please connect a controller," plug your controller in, using a USB cable.  Now scroll down, and select "firmware update" it should bring up a dialogue saying "Please Insert A Disk containing [Your PS3's Software Version] or newer, and press "Select" and "Start" together"  You can download the newest PS3 firmware [|Here]. You'll need a flash drive for this.  Inside of the flash drive, make a folder called "PS3".  Make a folder called "UPDATE" inside of that.  Now copy the file you just downloaded to the "UPDATE" folder.  Plug the flash drive into your PS3, and press "select" and "start" It should find the firmware, and reinstall it.  This should solve your problem.