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Contribution d'origine par : Justin Krueger ,


How to re-adhear rubber covers to top and bottom of Battery Door.


What adhesives and/or techniques would you use to get the rubber covers of the ''Kyocera DuraForce Pro''’s Battery Door to sit flush and clean looking? I’m not really a cellphone repair guy, so this one has been giving me trouble.


While you’d think the rubber nipples that feed into the holes on the battery door would make things easier… They actually seem to make it more difficult to sit entirely flush. Leaving bumps or bubbles, as if the rubber cover wasn’t sized properly.

My best guess would be rubber cement for the adhesive. But I’d need a lot of working time to wiggle the rubber covers into the holes to make it sit flush.

Any suggestions on tools, techniques, or anything else to make this task easier?

Thank you.


Kyocera DuraForce PRO