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Contribution d'origine par : jessabethany ,


The way this goes is this: If you are able to refurbish an iPhone LCD as a DIY project (which requires highly specialized equipment and training), then you will already know how to source the glass.


When regular people post this question, it is just because they are unaware the LCD refurbishing is not a DIY project.  Buy a new “Screen” which will itself be a refurbished OEM lcd that a professional refurbisher has produced, OR it will be an inexpensive aftermarket LCD.   If retaining the original LCD is important to you, then you can sell your screen to a refurbisher and buy an OEM refurbished screen.   I do not believe that iFixit sells OEM refurbs (it is hard to do this in bulk)  but call customer service to check.  I am pretty sure that all the iFixit screens are good quality aftermarkets.