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How to Diagnose Possible Dead Motherboard


Hello all, [br]


I'm currently facing an issue with my phone and have done numerous troubleshoots to try to diagnose the issue. Long story short, my phone suddenly died on me one day at 50% battery life and would not turn back on; couldn't boot into Recovery, Download, etc; absolutely no response. I looked at xda threads with this issue like this one: and followed their recommendation to let the battery completely drain over a few days, recharge to full capacity, and attempt to boot again. I was able to boot into download mode and flash a clean build with stock rom. All looked good but when I tried to boot back into System, the phone crashed immediately after the Samsung logo and got the blue notification light of death. Once again, no response so I let the battery deplete overnight, getting rid of the blue light, and recharging my phone to full capacity.


Unfortunately, since then I have not been able to boot the phone again at all. I finally decided to take the arduous task of opening the phone and replacing the battery, which had no effect either. So from my conclusion, I'm assuming my motherboard may be dead. Does anyone have any tips on how to diagnose where the issue may be on the motherboard? I know I can purchase a replacement motherboard but I want to use this as a learning experience and possibly save $100. Any relevant help is appreciated. Thank you!


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge