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Suddenly, my Kenmore Elite h3 washer door would not lock.  I could hear a clicking noise in the back but no loud latching noise from the door.  After a few clicks, the beeper would sound and the panel would flash "DL" and "F".  After reading a few blogs I determined I had a door latch problem.  I unplugged the washer and turned off the water. I tightened the screws for the latch in the door using a torx screw bit. I removed the front bottom panel (3 torx screws bottom of panel).  Reached inside and pulled the emergency release (You can see it using a flashlight) several times.  I then removed the top panel (3 hex screws in the back) and unplugged the 2 pink wireing harness from the panel in the back and plugged them back in (the pink wires go to the door latch).  I also reached in and jiggled the wiring harness to door latch.  Plugged the washer back, turned the water on, put a load of clothes and the door latch locked with it's usual loud noise and the washer started working!!  I am going to buy a replacement door latch swithch.  I found several on ebay for about 40 bucks.